There are few things that can compare to the natural and untamed landscape of Western Australia. From the stark beauty of Kalbarri to the maritime delights of Shark Bay. Having a four-wheel drive (4WD) will ensure that you get to completely immerse yourself in this rugged beauty and experience the wonders of Australia first-hand.

Even though easy exploration is one of the main benefits of 4WDs, it is not the only one. It has also proven its worth in harsher weather conditions, as traction is distributed over all four tires. This is great for towing, but especially important when off-roading.

It is essential to ensure that your 4WD is properly cared for in the form of regular and professional maintenance, as well as using only the highest quality replacement materials. This is where Armadale 4WD Service Centre comes in.

With over 30 years’ worth of industry experience, we know a thing or two about looking after 4WDs, and this shows in our high level of customer service and in our ability to complete any task, professionally and efficiently. We believe in doing a job right the first time, every time. This is precisely why we only use superior products and accessories, and why all of our team members are fully qualified. Our team undergoes continuous training to ensure that they’re always kept up to date on the latest developments in the 4WD industry.

With our services, you’ll have everything you need to keep your 4×4 on and off the road! We’re the 4WD specialists and can assist with standard vehicle servicing and rebuilding engines. In addition, we offer professional Dyno tuning in Perth.

We also offer professional repair services carried out by our highly trained and completely capable mechanics.

High-quality 4×4 equipment and accessories

One of the ways to truly experience the beauty of the Outback is through a 4WD. You’ll be able to get to those off-the-beaten-track places or mountain trails with ease, a feat almost impossible with a normal two-wheel drive vehicle.

However, this rugged terrain can be dangerous, which is why you need some help from our range of 4×4 accessories.

Brown Davis

Accidents like having a punctured sump or a damaged radiator will become dangerously commonplace if you don’t have reliable and durable underguards, a fact that Brown Davis is well aware of. The brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and are well known for providing specialist products for the automotive industry, such as these protective bash plates.

Here at Armadale 4WD Service Centre, we stock:

• Front guards
• Transmission guards
• Transfer case guards
• Fuel tank guards

There’s nothing better than enjoying long and rough rides in your 4WD. However, to truly enjoy this experience, you shouldn’t be worrying about running out of fuel. With Brown Davis fuel tanks, you won’t have to.

The company’s long-range fuel tanks and auxiliary tanks will ensure that you’ll be able to go further than ever on your next adventure.

We stock:
• Replacement tanks
• Auxiliary tanks
• Gas conversion tanks

If you need some extra engine power in your 4WD, then the Unichip tuner could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It can be used to tune any normally aspirated, electronically fuel injected vehicle.

The Unichip has a seemingly endless range of map combinations, which means that you’ll find one that is specific to the driving conditions that your 4WD will be subjected to.

We stock:

• Unichip Q
• Unichip Q+

Marks 4WD Adaptors
As the country’s leader in research, development, and manufacturing of 4WD engine and transmission conversion kits, Marks 4WD Adaptors are always developing new kits to cope with the demand of Australia’s 4×4 community.

Contact us for Marks 4WD Adaptors engine conversion kits’ information and pricing.

Safari Snorkels
Keeping your 4WD engine protected from water and dust damage is easier than ever with the Safari Snorkel. It provides your engine with a constant flow of cool and clean air, and are a great addition to your vehicle when it’s wading in water. In addition, it filters out dust, which would otherwise clog up your engine.

Not only is it UV stable, it is also extremely durable and suitable to our Australian climate and surrounding environment.

Safari Power Systems
With these products, you can increase engine power and torque while still enjoying fuel efficiency and an optimally performing engine.

These systems allow you to do all of this while your 4WD eats up thousands of kilometres on rough and rugged terrain.

Hiflo Diesel Fuel Injectors
Get the most out of your engine by enjoying maximum performance and fuel efficiency with these injectors.

Contact us for products and pricing.

If you enjoy camping and being in the outdoors, then you’ve probably made use of your 4WD battery to power some non-essential items around the campsite. Use Piranha’s Dual Battery Management systems to ensure that your starting battery is protected from your auxiliary battery when doing this.

We stock:
Dual Battery Management System – DBE140S
Dual Battery Management System – DBE180-SX

We also offer a range of other off-road equipment items such as suspension systems and part-time 4WD conversion kits.

If you’d like to find out more about our services or products, simply contact us today. We’d love to be a part of your next 4WD adventure!