Having a 4WD vehicle is essential if you want to successfully navigate our rough Australian landscape, whether it be crossing a river, going up a mountain trail or trudging along a rugged track. Off-road touring is a fantastic way to appreciate the sites first-hand.

However, most of these less-than-travelled roads are extremely bumpy, rocky or have uneven terrain. As much as you’re enjoying the surrounding views, we’re sure you don’t want to feel every jar and jostle. This is where your vehicle’s suspension system comes in. A normal 2WD goes through plenty of shaking when driving on a tarred road and even though the suspension system helps alleviate this, you can still feel if you’re having a smooth ride or not. Now, just imagine your 4WD going up that mountain and the amount of shock it has to endure.

The function of a suspension system

The system consists of a range of parts and components which essentially connect the vehicle to its wheels. In addition to the tires, these suspension system parts are:

• Springs – These are essential as they support your vehicle’s weight.
• Shocks – Shock absorbers, as the name suggests, prevent the bouncing around of your vehicle by absorbing the shock of it moving along the road or surface. They are important as they facilitate improved control and stability as they allow the vehicle’s tires to remain on the ground.
• Struts – These aid in tire alignment and reduce spring movement.
The suspension system essentially:

• Supports the weight of the vehicle
• Absorbs external shock from driving
• Maintains wheel alignment
• Ensure that the vehicle can stay on a path

Because you’ll be putting your off-road vehicle through a bit of an ordeal on every adventure you take, you need to ensure that your 4WD suspension system is up to the job. Now even though these vehicles come with a standard system, it’s a good idea to look into getting an aftermarket 4WD suspension kit.

Here at Armadale 4WD Service Centre, we offer:

• Bilstein B6 Offroad kits
• 4WD King Springs
• Bluemax Coil Springs
• Bluemax Shock Absorbers

If you need help in determining the best kit for your 4WD, then contact us today!

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