Safari Snorkels

Safari Snorkels are specifically designed to protect 4WD engines from damage caused by water and dust during off-road touring. They have been helping outdoor enthusiasts since the first Safari Snorkel was first manufactured over three decades ago.

The Safari Snorkel is completely sealed, reducing the likelihood of damage to your engine during water crossings, along with the choking dust generated from the Australian landscape.

The Snorkel provides the engine with a constant source of cool, clean air to the engine. This is ideal for a river crossing, because the front of the vehicle would be under water and could drown the motor.

The Safari Snorkel also filters dirt and removes rainwater from the incoming air stream, so your engine is not clogged up. This helps your engine to continue to perform at an optimal level.

The Safari Snorkel is 100% Australian designed and manufactured. It is not hard to understand why, since we have one of the harshest environments on the planet. It is made from high quality polyethylene and is not only extremely resilient, but also UV stable.

The Safari Snorkel is specifically designed to be compatible with most commercial 4WD models. Each system undergoes extensive research and testing before it goes into production, to ensure quality and durability.

Before your next trip, consider installing a Safari Snorkel. Give your engine a fresh breath of air when tackling the challenging conditions throughout Australia. Don’t let your dream holiday been ruined by not being prepared!

For more information about the Safari Snorkel, contact one of our 4WD experts on (08) 9497 3066.

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