Hiflo diesel fuel injectors are available for a wide range of popular applications, covering 4WD’s, pickups, vans, light commercial and medium trucks for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda/Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Hino.

If exchange injectors are not available, we can offer a very fast turn around service using your old injectors. Naturally, we will fit brand new nozzles and they are still covered by our factory warranty.


Quality: Every Hiflo injector is set to manufactures specifications so that your engine delivers maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Each injector is tested for opening pressure, spray pattern, dry seat, back leakage and body to nut leakage. Each injector is fitted with a brand new nozzle and comes complete with all washers, seals and fitting instructions.

Warranty: Every Hiflo injector is backed by our three-month unlimited kilometre factory warranty.

Price: Purchase injectors at a realistic price. No more waiting on quotes, no more hidden costs such as washers or parts.

Choice: Wherever possible we offer you the choice of injectors fitted with either the original manufacturers brand nozzle or our own Hiflo nozzle which is equivalent in quality but lower in price. Both types have exactly the same Hiflo factory warranty. The choice is yours.

Service: Minimum downtime, our injectors are available ‘off the shelf’. One phone call and we can dispatch your order the same day or by express delivery.

Freight: All your orders are sent by same day or overnight express delivery service.

PLUS – New Injectors

Hiflo is now manufacturing new injectors for popular diesel engine applications. You now have the choice of either new or remanufactured. Why fit a reconditioned injector when you can purchase a brand new injector from Hiflo.

New injectors are currently available for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda/Ford and Mitsubishi.

Let Armadale 4WD be a part of your next adventure!

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