Perth suppliers of Brown Davis underbody protection

Your 4WD allows you to travel to those remote far off places and take on off-road routes that ordinary sedans wouldn’t dare to try. It allows you the freedom of the road, off-road, forest track, and rugged mountain trails; it allows you the freedom to escape city life. However, off-road touring can be risky, with rocks, sticks and branches looking to trip you up at every turn and cause damage to the underside of your 4WD.

Luckily, we have a solution!

Brown Davis underguards will provide your rugged off-road vehicle with some serious protection, helping to ensure that your trip doesn’t result with you stranded in the outback without help.

Perth specialists in the supply of 4WD products

As your local Perth specialists in the supply of 4WD products, accessories, repairs and servicing, we know that your 4WD needs high-quality protection, and we supply the very best with our range of Brown Davis underbody protection.

Brown Davis is a leader in the supply of specialist products for the automotive industry, including underguards and fuel tanks, with more than 30 years in the industry. Through the development of their rugged, durable and reliable protective underguards, they have helped 4WD drivers avoid accidents like a punctured sump, or a damaged radiator or transmission by installing the strongest possible underbody protection, without compromising on the performance of your vehicle.

By utilising unique design components and using higher-grade materials, Brown Davis’s range of underguards (also known as bash plates) will protect you as well as your vehicle. The guards come with full-fitting kits when applicable, and there are three main types of guards depending on your requirements. These are the front guard, the transmission guard and the transfer case guard. In addition to our range of Brown Davis bash plates, we also stock a range of Brown Davis tailgate seals to suit a wide variety of off-road vehicles. Our products are designed to protect your vehicle and make your off-road travels safer.

Brown Davis has established themselves as an industry leader with a huge range of high-quality accessories and protective elements for your 4WD. For the most rugged protective accessories to protect the most rugged vehicles on the most rugged terrain, contact us.

Let Armadale 4WD be a part of your next adventure!

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